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From syrup to spirit

Our inspiration

Orgeat is defined as an almond syrup with floral notes. It also happens to be the most historic syrup behind the bar, not to mention a fundamental bar component of the craft cocktail.

Popularized as a digestif in mid-19th Century France, it appeared a century later at the beginnings of the defined "cocktail," when Jerry Thomas added the syrup into what became known as the Japanese Cocktail; one of the very first "evolved" cocktails on record.

Orgeat's legacy went on to include a drink you may be more familiar with... the Mai Tai. Invented in California during the 1940s, the Mai Tai launched the epic Tiki Era, with orgeat as its key ingredient.

Orgeat has been a bartender favorite for ages, bonding flavors together and adding a beautiful, silky viscosity to cocktails and beverages of all kinds.

The Journey

After making countless variations of the syrup and constantly incurring lack of shelf-stability and consistency, an "aha" moment occurred; we came to the realization that all the practical issues of orgeat syrup could be eliminated by taking it from syrup to spirit.


Thus the birth of L’Orgeat Liqueur.

With alcohol as its backbone, this magical ingredient is as versatile and complex as ever. Now you don’t have to drag it in and out of the fridge, you can use it in stirred cocktails, draft cocktails, and bubbly cocktails. It won’t separate, it won’t spoil, and it’s delicious beyond the bar in your coffees, dessert applications, or anything else you can dream up. 

Tasting Notes


Rich, deeply roasted, nutty and floral with a viscous silky mouthfeel.


Thanks to its extraordinarily versatile and complimentary ingredients, L'Orgeat Liqueur has the enchanting ability to make flavors explode, to add delightful viscosity, and to magically combine and accentuate all the components of a cocktail – tying them together in a delicious and harmonious way.

What’s in the bottle?


California Almonds: L'Orgeat Liqueur's key ingredient, making it the first-ever California Almond liqueur. Almonds have been around since the beginning of time documented in both culinary and historic traditions for ages. The California almond, in particular, makes for the most versatile nut on the planet. Their distinct oaky buttery notes differ from their European counterparts, which boast a much more cherry and marzipan-esque flavor.


Orange blossom water: a distillation of fresh bitter-orange flowers that has been used as a health tonic, a baking ingredient, and a good luck charm for centuries. 


Rose water:  a distillation of crushed rose petals used medicinally, nutritionally, and aesthetically for hundreds of years. 

We hope you enjoy what's in our bottle just as much as we do!

"As bartenders, we are very excited to be a part of this industry at such an amazing and creative time where our comrades behind the bar are making everything from spirits to bitters to sodas and more; items that we not only need but also want.

The creativity and innovation we have seen over the years we have spent in hospitality has been so inspiring, and we hope that you find L'Orgeat Liqueur to be in the same vein. Born out of this need to improve upon a magical ingredient, L'Orgeat Liqueur is designed to give back to the industry and provide bartenders and chefs with a more accessible and integral tool for their creative arsenal." 

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