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No matter how delicious our batches were, we constantly encountered some serious flaws: a short shelf-life, separation within cocktails, and inconsistencies as the product went in and out of the refrigerator. Furthermore, the potential this magical syrup had was severely hindered by the fact that it wasn’t able to be properly combined in a stirred cocktail.  

This project began behind the bar, whilst making orgeat syrup for a craft cocktail program in Los Angeles, California. 

  Steeped in tradition and hands down one of the most historic ingredients behind the bar, it’s not hard to understand the fascination and obsession with this intriguing ingredient and why orgeat was certainly not something we were going to take lightly when sourcing or crafting for our bar program. 

  Real-deal house made orgeat takes around 10 hours, many pounds of almonds, and a very messy cleanup that yields only so much. Batches are labor-intensive, expensive to make, and lead to inconsistencies and even wastefulness.   



Then our light-bulb moment happened. Liqueurs are the condiments of the cocktail, the spice rack to all creations; many of which had gotten their start as syrups or tonics… 

  There was no need to refrigerate them; in their innovative states as artisanal liqueurs, they were sustainable within themselves. Distillers have the ability to scale up all the while keeping quality and integrity at the forefront, meaning these flavor profiles were standardized and your favorite cocktail experience could be replicated around the world.


We applied this concept to orgeat for the first time ever; and L’Orgeat Liqueur was born. Now everyone can enjoy the versatility and viscosity this amazing flavor profile has to offer, now in a new and improved format. 

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